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Safe2Race Active Marshalling System (AMS)
by Aim Technologies

Solution To Safety Problems in Motorsport

The delay of communication with race control or the human error of a driver not seeing a flag or a Marshall external to the vehicle can be life changing, or even result in death. This is why F1 and other big budget Motorsport events, have invested in systems to aid communication using flashing lights or messages direct to the driver. Aim Technologies want to bring this safety feature to everyone, why should this safety feature only be available to the top 1% of Motorsport.

Drivers going at speed and concentrating on the track can potentially miss the warning given by a Marshall, however with the Safe2Race Active Marshalling System (AMS) by Aim Technologies, this is no longer a problem. The Safe2Race Active Marshalling System (AMS) by Aim Technologies, ensures drivers do not miss a marshalling signal by dynamically feeding the display and sound of an alert within their vehicle, resulting in a quicker implementation of a flag condition on track.

The time taken for a Marshall to identify and confirm an incident manually will delay the awareness and notification to drivers that there is a hazard and this can extend into minutes being lost, if a vehicle is approaching an incident at high speed, time is crucial to prevent an accident or impact, whereas the system is accurate to 1/10th of a second in notifying all drivers on the circuit immediately.

What is Safe2Race Active Marshalling System (AMS) ?

The Safe2Race Active Marshalling System (AMS) by Aim Technologies is a Motorsport Safety circuit management platform, to enhance the safety of every competitor, official and spectator involved in Motorsport.

The AMS System tracks, times and monitors all competition vehicles on and off the circuit in real-time. AMS also allows in-vehicle flagging with vehicle proximity warnings for accurate and instant safety notifications:

  • Second by second vehicle tracking
  • Automatic safety notifications
  • Stopped , slowed or impacted vehicle proximity warnings by in-vehicle flagging
  • GNSS high precision lap and sector timing
  • Race control management software
  • Integrated helmet impact sensor
What is Active Marshalling System (AMS)

How Safe2Race AMS Works

Safe2Race Active Marshalling System (AMS) by Aim Technologies uses its revolutionary localised radio network to transmit safety, tracking and timing information to race control and other vehicles in real time.

All competition and circuit support vehicles are fitted with a small AMS unit. The unit notifies race control with the vehicle location, G-force, orientation and accident type. Approaching vehicles’ units display automatic proximity flagging using their driver/rider interface.

The AMS Safety System is a robust and fail safe accident prevention with a range of state of the art and highly functional features.

Safe2Race AMS units installed in each competition vehicle, update Race Control with live tracking information about safety and timing information using a radio link. Vehicles approaching a problem vehicle, or sector on the circuit, receive in-car flagging (optional) with incident proximity indication.

  • Race Control has the capability to separately flag individual vehicles or all vehicles currently on the circuit.
  • The Race Control interface divides a circuit into multiple configurable ‘zones’ (e.g. pit lane, runoff area, pit paddock).

Real Time Status Awareness

Our vehicle tracking technology allows race control to view the location of any competitor or service vehicle

Automated Flagging

Flags can be generated by artificial intelligence or race control, race control can then alter or cancel flag conditions.

Automated Penalty Systems

The AMS system uses tracking and timing to deliver automated penalty and limit enforcement technology.

Post Incident Analysis

Highly accurate race data is logged for use post-race, this allows the corroboration and analysis of data relating to accidents.

Real Time Communication Between Officials and Drivers

Safe2Race Active Marshalling System (AMS) by Aim Technologies allows communication directly between every vehicle to give officials instant real-time information. The system has been designed to automate warnings to the competitor (and anyone else who has the system fitted) relating to any incident.

Who Benefits From AMS System?


Safe2Race Active Marshalling System (AMS) by Aim Technologies can collaborate with circuits, championships and organisations to provide products and services to meet improved safety objectives.


Drivers and teams are able to reap the benefits of safer racing conditions and fewer accidents to ensure more optimised track time when competing.

Using the Safe2Race Active Marshalling System (AMS) by Aim Technologies system,

Championships, Manufacturers, Teams and Drivers can benefit from:

  • Superior data to support driver performance.
  • The prevention of accidents, reducing injury and death.
  • Post incident medical and impact data.
  • Highly accurate post-race data.
  • Instant and fully automated driver alerts.
  • Optimised driver, team and spectator safety.
  • Proactive post-incident medical treatment plans.
  • Faster and more accurate incident evaluation.
  • Safer racing conditions.
Who Benefits From AMS System?

Why Safe2Race AMS is so important?

Safe2Race Active Marshalling System (AMS) by Aim Technologies improves circuit safety and race control decisions by allowing one individual to oversee and control the entire race circuit.

Furthermore, AMS’s revolutionary automated proximity flagging means that approaching vehicles are notified of incidents instantaneously and without human interaction, cutting down incident flagging response time to zero.

AMS’s GNSS high precision timing does not require any timing markers or loops to be embedded into the track, meaning no modifications to the track are required.

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