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AMS Overview

Pioneering Technology For Safer Racing.

AMS System Overview

An overview of the key functionality of the AMS system for circuit, championships and driver use:

  • Real time vehicle status awareness, tracking and timing vehicles for superior circuit and competition safety and compliance.
  • Superior safety technology integrates vehicle to Race Control communications with instant notifications and automatic features.
  • Instantly gives circuit and championship officials the information they need, whilst providing competitors and spectators real time race information – available on web and mobile interfaces.
  • An electronic system with integrated AI designed to pair medical and impact data, offering currently unrivalled safety to competitors in motorsport.
  • Automated marshal flagging system benefits race marshals, race control and competitors.
  • Instant in car notifications for drivers to notify of any change in race conditions, notification reaction within 1/10th second.
  • Integrated systems for race control, team and spectator race timing information with a range of interface permissions.
  • In-built penalty automation systems and post incident analysis.
  • Tiers of access and custom permissions.

AMS allows communication directly between every vehicle to give officials instant real-time information. The system has been designed to automate warnings to the competitor (and anyone else who has the system fitted) relating to any incident.


  1.  A competitor stops or has an impact whilst within the pre-defined ‘hot-zone’.
  2. AMS’s algorithms will detect this and automatically show on the dash display a Yellow Flag to any competitors within a pre-defined time or distance behind the stricken vehicle.
  3. Once a competitor has passed the slowed vehicle, a Green Flag will automatically be displayed on the dash, providing there are no other obstructions in range within the ‘hot-zone’.

The system has been designed to be automated, but it should be recognised that this is an addition to existing safety personnel; is an advisory system rather than a control system. Warnings and alerts can be overridden by Race Control as required.

As seen in IMAGE 1 above, the AMS unit is fitted in the driver’s view in a competition vehicle. In IMAGE 2 the AMS is flashing amber to notify the driver that there is a hazard ahead.

Benefits of Real – Time Vehicle Status Awareness

  • Real-Time vehicle tracking of all vehicles fitted with the AMS
  • Real-Time warnings via pre-defined geofenced areas
  • Millisecond Timing, including splits and sectors as required.
  • Alerts when a vehicle has been involved in an impact, the exact location and timing using advanced algorithms.
  • Algorithms have the ability to report the type of impact and likely injuries
  • Any change in a vehicle’s speed or direction of travel seen as abnormal will flag an alert to competitors and officials

System Technical Capabilities and Resources

The AMS Race Control Interface provides a clear layout of the race circuit, car status, current movement, automatic hazard and SOS notifications, stage times, plus much more. The AMS Race Control Interface makes managing a race an easier task with plenty of visual aids to help officials. The interface can be viewed on an ‘appliance PC’ meaning that installation is as simple as ‘plug-and-play’. The operation of the interface is easy to use and navigate for all users.

Scenario 1:

The entire circuit is mapped and an ‘Outer’ Zone created of the entire area. Race Control is alerted as soon as a vehicle enters this area. Other Zones are created within the Outer Zone as can be seen. The ‘Live’ zone is the race track itself and the status of each vehicle changes as soon as it enters this ‘Live’ area. This allows Race Control to be fully aware where each vehicle is both on and off the track, including the Pit Lane and Paddock in Real-Time.

Scenario 2:

Here you can see that the McLaren has entered a Yellow Flag Zone and is currently travelling at 193km/h. The Yellow Flag alert has been transmitted to the McLaren. The Ferrari has entered the Pit Lane, so the Pit Lane Zone is automatically highlighted in Green. The Fast Laps car has just cleared the incident so has been given the ‘All Clear’ as can be seen by the Green Flag on screen next to the vehicle.

Scenario 3:

Under ‘normal’ race conditions with no flags or incidents, the screen on the right-hand side is showing a list of all the vehicles with their current speed displayed. No warning flags are shown, and the position of each competing vehicle and direction of travel (indicated by an arrow) can be seen highlighted in green.e.

Scenario 4:

Here the screen is showing on the right hand-side a list of all the vehicles in this particular ‘hot-zone’ (Fastlaps, Ferrari and McLaren) along with their current speed. A red flag alert has been transmitted to all three vehicles and their position on the race track and they have all received the flag alert, as they are each showing a red flag icon next to the vehicle, the icon appearing confirms the vehicle has received the flag alert.

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