Speed, Efficiency & Usability;
Autonomous Technology That Works

Delivering a Smarter Future

At Cavonix, we have made significant strides in the world of autonomy. We have achieved our own advancements with thanks to our ample resources and experienced skill sets. Our team of engineers have extensive and specialised skills in creating our very own in-house technology, reinforcing our motto “Create what works.’ Think physics meets reality; ‘if it won’t work, we’re not interested.’ We are innovators, from concept to creation to completion – whatever we do we have visualised one hundred times before, ironing out any limits. Believe us, we’ve done it – we’ve got the t-shirt.

We focus on vehicles that operate in controlled environments, and we can rapidly produce an end-product, which we have demonstrated before in just a four week limit. We develop technology that provides solutions to such a versatile group; Aviation, Agriculture, Mining and Vtol Drones, helping all groups increase safety, maximise productivity, and save time and money. Above all, our technology works and is a vital piece of any farm, mine and airport in order for you to thrive to the max.

Cavonix have made waves providing support and assistance in the development of several white-label projects; autonomous vehicles such as 4×4 off-roaders, pods, shuttles, agricultural machinery, airport transport buses and military support vehicles. Vehicles all of which we are developing ourselves with our own in-house technology, alongside warehouse shipping/delivering equipment, off-highway, and technology that can be fitted into pre-existing pods, shuttles and buses.

We push the boundaries today, for a future tomorrow.