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Aim SmartyCam Hd Kart Racing Camera

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Aim SmartyCam Hd Kart Racing Camera


Aim SmartyCam Hd Kart Racing Camera
SmartyCam HD has been designed for Kart Racing with a single purpose, that’s providing great videos that include all the technical information that will help you improve your driving performance.

SmartyCam HD is Now Available in 67° and 84° Wide Angle Lenses

SmartyCam HD has been designed for Kart Racing with a single purpose, that’s providing great videos that include all the technical information that will help you improve your driving performance. All this in the most robust and reliable system ever. In its new version, the electronics/mechanics have been further improved and SmartyCam HD is now even easier to manage.


SmartyCam HD Rev. 2.1 competitive advantages

Kart Racing

Real time data overlayed on videos

SmartyCam HD overlays all the data you need from different sources.

From GPS: track map and vehicle position, as well as speed, lap and split times.
From Aim loggers connected to your ECU: RPM, throttle, engaged gear, acceleration, temperatures, pressures and in presence of additional sensors, also their values.
All these info will be overlayed on videos in each single point of the track.

Race Studio 3, your software for video configuration and analysis

SmartyCam HD Rev 2 uses the newest Race Studio 3, the powerful software which allows to configure all details of your Kart Racing videos and to get plenty of fun and information out of them.
You can configure your overlays in a virtually infinite variety of modes. Just add your logo and the track map, and choose your graphic objects from a list of pre-determined sets with same layout or even single objects from different sets. Your videos will be truly “yours” in all details, from the data to their graphic layouts.

Kart Racing

Video analysis

The video of a whole session, once downloaded on your PC, can now be split – with a simple click – in individual videos of each lap so that you can simultaneously watch two of them and check where you were faster or slower. The same operation can be performed with any SmartyCam HD video recorded on the same track where you will be able to compare your best lap with your friends personal best!

Kart Racing

Automatic Start & Stop

You are on the starting grid, ready to sprint, your adrenaline reaching the climax: the last thing you can worry about is switching on the camera. You have other things to worry about. SmartyCam HD Rev2 is aware of that, that is why it switches on/off automatically and starts/stops recording the same way.

Automatic On/Off Switch

SmartyCam HD can be switched on by the logger it is connected to. Switch-off is automatic, too simply decide after what period of non-activity the camera will switch-off. Both operations can also be carried out using the keyboard, if you prefer.


Recording can also be started/stopped automatically or via keyboard. With automatic switch-on, the camera will start recording when the speed or RPM threshold is exceeded.  In this case, you simply decide how long after dropping below the selected threshold the video will automatically stop.

Kart Racing camera

No “wave effect” and improved quality with the new CMOS sensor

Engine rumble causes vibrations, which are not a good thing for video recording.  Never again will you experience that seasick “wave effect” you get when watching videos recorded by a generic camera, when the Kart rolls at 7000 RPM.  SmartyCam HD has been designed for that environment and for those vibrations. “Wave effect” is just a memory.

The new CMOS significantly improves image quality in low-brightness conditions, reducing the ‘noise’ to the minimum.

The Global Shutter CMOS sensor

Unlike generic multipurpose cameras, the SmartyCam HD Kart has been designed to avoid the problem of image distortion, thanks to the innovative Global Shutter CMOS sensor.  The camera shutter captures the entire image at the same time, not “pixel by pixel” like traditional sensors.  The result is that images are captured at once and are not affected by the vibrations that happen on a racing vehicle, which create the so-called “wave effect”.

Kart Racing

Choice lenses designed for different motorsport applications

A lens specifically designed for motorsports must be robust, must be able to work when the engine rolls 100 times per second, and have good resolution and brightness.  But above all a lens designed for motorsport must reduce distortion, which is a typical problem of lenses used by generic action-cameras: objects placed at ten meters’ distance look very far, making it impossible to accurately determine whether the track is straight or curved. SmartyCam HD telecentric lens with six elements reduces distortion to the minimum and will withstand track vibrations for years. Moreover the lenses with different HFOV’s allow a tailor-made framing in all kind of vehicles.

Which One?

The narrow 67° HFOV lens is preferred for closed-roof cars, as it “sees” the track just within the wind-screen pillars, reducing that unpleasant black frame around typical of generic camera on-board videos.

The wide 84° HFOV lens is specific for open-roof, formula car and kart use, where it is possible to have a more ample view of the track and there is no risk of black frames.

High-quality small-size video files

The SmartyCam HD 128x128 pixel TFT color display is on the front, not on rear. This is the best place to setup in Kart Racing.

The SmartyCam HD 128x128 pixel TFT color display is on the front, not on rear. This is the best place to setup in Kart Racing.

Front mount color TFT display for in-car installation

Aim Smartycam HD kart camera’s competition is focused on the highest pixel number. The result is that their video files are far too large, taking too much memory.  SmartyCam HD Rev2 videos have the same quality as other HD cameras but their files are smaller because the H264 compression system parameters have been optimized to a perfect balance between video
quality and file size.

SmartyCam HD Rev2 Storage

You can choose among three video file quality levels: one-hour recording takes 4GB (high quality), 2GB (normal) or 1,5GB (low). The Files are stored on SD cards: with current SD cards reaching 128GB capacity, you can record more than 30 hours of high-quality videos without changing the card.

Designed to withstand extreme on-track working conditions

“Frail things have a bad time on track. “
An on-board camera designed for kart racing must guarantee great resistance against the extreme working conditions typical of track racing and against the most adverse weather, such as strong and prolonged vibrations, storms, continuous rain, and extreme high and low temperatures.

kart racing

That is why SmartyCam HD Rev2 is made in machinery moulded aluminium used in many competition car parts. The SmartyCam HD Rev2 is the most robust and reliable system ever.

Smartycam kart racing camera is tough

Compact, handy and easy to Install

Its small size (87x63x49mm) and light weight (just 280g) make SmartyCam HD easy to install on your racing kart.

Its small size make SmartyCam HD easy to install on your racing kart.

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