Motocross Dash Loggers

Aim Solo Motocross GPS Lap Timer

The Aim Solo Motocross GPS Lap Timer can be used in all of your performance situations including circuits,  regularity, point to point races, and performance tests. The Solo Motocross displays and records speed, accelerations, braking in fact, all of the data you need to improve your engine and racing performance.Y ou can review your data immediately after each session, this helps you analyse and improve your performance. More info

Aim Solo DL Motocross Dash Logger

The Aim Solo DL Motocross Dash Logger features has all the functions of Solo but has the ability to connect to your bike’s ECU to read engine data. This makes of SoloDL motocross an extremely powerful dash logger recording all the performance data coming from your bike Engine Control Unit. More info

Aim MXL2 Motocross Dash Logger

The new dash logger for motocross. The MXL2 display features a high contrast traditional LCD, with a black to white ratio nearly double its predecessor, fused with a graphical LCD offering great flexibility in information display and alerts. More info

Aim Motocross Data Loggers

Aim EVO4 Motocross Datalogger

The compact datalogger where GPS, ECU connections, analogic and digital channels are included. More info

Aim EVO 5 Motocross Data Logger

The New EVO 5 Datalogger is the evolution of the traditional datalogger that, all over the years, has become a standard de facto acquisition system in a huge amount of championships. With its compact aluminum body, EVO5 can be easily placed in any vehicle. Its configuration with the new Race Studio 3 software is simple and immediate. Compatibility with Aim visors will come soon. More info

Aim Motocross Digital Displays

Aim G-Dash Motocross Racing Display

The new compact graphical display for EVO4. G-Dash is a small, flexible, fully configurable graphical display, for a more precise and enjoyable data visualization. More info


New! Aim GS-Dash Motocross Racing Display

The new compact graphical display for EVO4, the Aim G-Dash motocross is a small, flexible, fully configurable graphical display, for a more precise and enjoyable data visualization. Read More

Aim Motocross Racing Kits

Aim Motocross Dash Data Logger Racing Kits

Our motocross racing kits are combination of our products that supply everything you need to get your motocross racing display/datalogger up and running. More info

Aim Motocross Camera Video Data Loggers

Aim SmartyCam HD Camera Video Data Logger

SmartyCam HD bridges the gap between high-resolution video and on-screen data in one revolutionary package designed specifically for motorsports. From conception, our goal with SmartyCam HD was to create a truly visual data tool that would provide stunning video quality with integrated on-screen feedback to ultimately make you go faster on the
racetrack. More info.

Motorcross Accessories, Parts and Cables

Aim Motorcross Accessories, Parts and Cables

Goto our shop directory of all moptocross parts and accessories. read more


Motocross Sensors

Aim Motocross Sensors

View the range of sensors available on our online store Go to the section.


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