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Aim Solo DL Motorcycle GPS Dash Logger

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Aim Solo DL Motorcycle GPS Dash Logger

The most important feature of Aim Solo DL Motorcycle GPS Lap Timer is to show your lap times. When Solo is powered up, it automatically recognizes the start/finish line coordinates of the track you are visiting based on the huge list of World tracks stored on Aim Solo’s internal memory. This allows very precise lap times with very little effort.

“Aim Solo DL connects to your car ECU to give you engine performance data at a glance”

The Aim Solo DL Motorcycle GPS Lap Timer features all the functions of standard Aim Solo plus the ability to connect to your bike’s ECU. Connecting via the engine ECU makes of Aim Solo DL a very powerful dash logger recording all the vital data coming from the bike Engine Control Unit. You can add additional sensors without the complicated wiring needed in the past.

To connect the Solo DL, you just need to choose the cable that fits to your bike. The Aim SoloDL comes with a choice of cables for stock/production motorcycles or for racing/aftermarket ECUs. Like Solo, SoloDL allows users to configure custom pages to show all the desired data and after each test you will be able to analyse all the data recorded in graphs, histograms and tables.

Using Race Studio 3 you can evaluate your performance at all positions on the track. All this data can also be displayed on videos recorded by Aim SmartyCam HD, Aim’s on-board racing camera designed for motorsports.

The Aim Solo DL GPS Lap Timer acquires data from the ECU of your vehicle so you can easily monitor your engine peformance. The list of available ECU drivers is constantly updated and upgraded on our support site. There are currently over a 1,000 different ECUs, for either Stock and Racing sorted by manufacturer/vehicle model. You can find each ECU’s proprietary communication protocols including the standard OBDII ones.
Aim systems connect via the following data lines:

  • CAN
  • RS232
  • K-Line
Aim Solo DL GPS Lap Timer acquires data from the ECU

Find Your Track with Powerful GPS Technology

“When you arrive at your favourite track the Solo DL finds its GPS position
then automatically identifies the track and loads the tracks start/finish line coordinates.”

To calculate laptimes the Solo DL must have the start/finish line coordinates stored in memory and each Solo includes more than 200 world tracks. The Solo DL is then ready to calculate and display laptimes. If the track is not included in the database, it is always possible to add the start/finish line coordinates right at the track (see image) or the values can be sent to Solo via your PC before going to the track using the GPS Manager software.

Select Your Race Mode


Track: Circuit

This is the typical session (race or test) on a closed circuit. Operating Solo is extremely simple and intuitive: it automatically loads start/finish line coordinates, and then calculates and displays laptimes. Lap times can be displayed is different ways:

Rolling lap time

Static lap time
Predictive lap time, what the lap time will be, calculated during the current lap

Track: Point to point

With this type of track, the starting position is different from the finish position. The coordinates of both points need to be set and this operation can be done using Solo, or with your PC using GPS Manager software. Then, the lap times can be displayed in the same ways as the Circuit style of track as shown above.


In Regularity Races, Solo displays a lap time as the difference vs. a reference lap. Typically this is displayed on the second lap after one lap is stored in memory.  Solo will continuously show the predictive lap time, or the difference (+ or -) between the predicted and the target lap time.


Performances races are acceleration tests of a defined distance or until a speed value is reached.  If Imperial units are selected, it is possible to choose among: 1/4 miles, 1/8 miles and 0-60 mph.  If the metric units are selected, it is possible to choose among: 100 m, 400 m, 1000 m, 0-100 km/h, 0-160 km/hm. At the end of each Performance Test, a test summary is automatically displayed. The data is also available to analyse in the powerful Race Studio 2 professional software, which is included with Solo.

Choose Your Lap Time Mode

Solo is fully configurable and includes different lap time display modes:

  • Rolling lap time
  • Static lap time
  • Predictive lap time (screenshot 1), calculated during the current lap
  • Predictive lap time (screenshot 2), calculated as difference between the above and the best lap
    Best lap
Choose your lap time mode

Download Data To Your PC

You can view the recorded data by simply Connecting Solo to your PC. You can analyse your date which is shown in tables, graphs and histograms using the powerful Race Studio 3 Pro Software which is included with Solo.

Download data to your PC

Data Recall

At the end of your test, you can review all the key information on the Solo DL. To review data stored in the memory, press the MEM button and the Data Recall page will appear. The Solo DL the data as shown for the “Speed” and “Regularity” modes and may include multiple pages. “Performance” mode data is displayed in a single Data Recall page as shown on the left.

The Data Recall page information will depend on the Race Mode selected. In the “Speed” mode, the three fastest laps will be displayed, in the “Performance” mode, the significant splits based on the Units selected will be displayed, and in the “Regularity” mode, the differences vs. the reference lap will be displayed.

Data recall

Data to PC

All of the GPS and ECU based data recorded on Solo can be analysed with the powerful Race Studio 2 professional software. Graphs, histograms and tables will help you understand your performance at all positions on the track.

Data to PC

Solo DL Lap Timer and Smartycam HD Connection

The Aim Solo DL Motorcycle GPS Lap Timer can easily be connected to the Aim SmartyCam HD racing camera creating an even more powerful system.  The on-board Smartcam HD camera accepts both GPS and ECU based data from SoloDL and overlays the data directly onto the videos.

The SmartyCam HD racing camera can also read the ECU data and GPS lap times sampled by SoloDL. The Solo displays the SmartyCam HD status details i.e. the amount of free microSD card memory, battery level, recording status, diagnostic messages so you always know where you are.

Solo DL Laptimer and Smartycam HD Connection
Solo DL displays the SmartyCam HD status details

Carburetion Tuning

The Aim LCU-One Lambda controller has been designed to maximise your engine performance by assisting with fine tuning the carburetion. The Aim  LCU-One CAN ECU and GPS data will be complemented by Lambda (and AFR) values, exhaust gas temperature and diagnostic messages.

Carburetion Tuning
Through the analysis of the remaining oxygen
The LCU-One can detect punctual Lambda value

Through the analysis of the remaining oxygen, LCU-One points out possible oxygen excess/lack in the carburetion. The LCU-One can detect punctual Lambda value from 0.65 to 1.6, offering you an extremely precise measurement that is very useful for your bike engine tuning. All LCU-One lambda controllers use a wide band Bosch LSU 4.9 probe either for its capacity of saving the original calibration for its entire life and for its duration. The Bosch LSU 4.9 probe has been designed to last for more than 100,000 km.

Aim Solo DL Motorcycle GPS Lap Timer