The world is changing, and so is racing… for years pro drivers and F1 have been using simulators to help improve, and now this is fast becoming the normal for all semi pro and even hobby racers.

As like most technologies the cost has come down a lot over the years, and here at AiM we have been working with sim companies for years, supplying hardware, and also integrating our data analysis software to help people improve.

What’s new and exciting is that we are now allowing you to use our software, to analyse your sim data, and over lay this with your real track data… here we can show you how, and how to get more from your sim, whether it’s a few hundred pounds, or a few hundred thousand…

By using the Aim Race Studio Analysis data software, your not only learning how to get the most out of your simulator, and learning how to get better… your learning the same skill needed to do it on track… #simtocircuit

How to get the most from the Race Studio 3 software, in conjunction with your simulator in 3 simple areas

  • Setup
  • Installation
  • Reading the data

Already get data from the following sim platforms…

  • I Racing
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Chassis Sim

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