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Motorsport Safety System

Safe2Race Active Marshall System (AMS) by Aim Technologies

The Safe2Race AMS System gives constant, real time information and awareness for ultimate safety. With a range of additional features to improve racing and give live information to drivers and teams, whenever they go on track.


The Safe2Race system allows communication directly to and from each vehicle in a hot zone, this is pre-defined by race control, and gives officials instant real-time information. The system has been designed to automate warnings to the competitor (and anyone else who has the system fitted), relating to any incidents or data abnormalities.


Our goal is to provide safer racing conditions and fewer accidents, ensuring that your track time is optimized and damage costs are reduced.

Aixro Rotary Engines

Sustainable Hybrids for Water, Land and Air

Our work includes the complete product development cycle. This includes consulting, design, simulation, prototypes and serial production including organisation and documentation. We have backgrounds in various engineering disciplines and can contribute experience from a large variety of applications.

Our activities, especially on rotary engines, go beyond the standard end product. Sometimes companies need specific functions and packaging solutions. Then we provide assistance and sometimes also a new engine design, and in return some of the new things we create become standard at a later stage.

This makes cooperation a win-win-situation both for customers and ourselves.

Impact Detect

Limitless Technology

Impact Detect have blended decades of technological expertise, with the latest scientific know-how, to create the next generation in bespoke, affordable impact data capture products.

We specialise in working closely with large-sector organisations and health & safety influencers to design and develop adaptive, intelligent sensor systems that can be tailor made to meet the specific requirements of our client.

Simply put, with the Impact Detect system the applications for use in safety recording, continuous monitoring and performance measurement are limitless.

Bespoke Electrical Solutions

Design, Supply and Fit

Lecci have designed 100s of OEM and customer, bespoke solutions for cars, bike, boats, trains, etc…. Working with all different manufactures, using thousands of different suppliers, integrating both, high and low voltage systems, and body control with both CAN and LIN bus communications. We are an end to end supply, design and fit company that can help you…

Our services include, but are not exclusive to prototype design, one off projects, full OEM build and tier one suppliers…