Advanced Technologies

Motorsport Safety System

Safe2Race Active Marshall System (AMS) by Aim Technologies

Safe2Race Active Marshall System (AMS) by Aim Technologies

The Safe2Race AMS System gives constant real time information and awareness for ultimate safety, with a range of additional features to improve racing and give live information to drivers and teams, whenever they go on track. Our goal is to provide safer racing conditions and fewer accidents, ensuring more optimised track time and reduced damage costs.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Pods

We are proud to be involved with the POD project, (Pods on Demand) as the designers and suppliers of the electronic brains that drive these vehicles, with a fully autonomous, electrically driven vehicles that seat up to four people in comfort. Currently, the Pods have been used at Heathrow Terminal 5 since 2011 and have a reliability record of over 99% – far higher than any bus or rail system. The Pods have been in operational at Heathrow Terminal 5 since 2011, transporting over 1 million people more than 4 million kilometres.

The new Pods coming soon are going to become a new mode of transport around the globe

Insight Sensor

Our Insight Sensor, with its own AI learning capabilities is changing safety for people around the world, the low power BLE sensor, encased within a special material, which is soft and malleable in its natural state, but hardens immediately and temporarily upon impact. Enables our array of 12 sensors to recreate your accident, and inform whoever we need of your injuries currently, use in medical facility’s, its now being added to a range of safety systems for sport.

The Insight Sensor in sports, will provides critical data and feedback about helmet impacts. This data supports a greater understanding of the potential brain injuries that can happen in a collision as well as the effect on the condition of their helmet and whether a replacement may be advisable. our smart technology is able to report a range of critical data immediately after the crash event. The data includes, Impact Detection and Signalling, Brain Rotation Insight, Helmet Condition, Collision Data Reports, likely injury and or consciousness all within a tenth of a second.


Engineering Design

Engineering is much more than making a part, or drawing something in CAD, to us, It is understanding the problem, or need and coming up with the best solution. Then we can offer a complete process from the first idea to production. If you have a problem and you need an innovative solution, we can help.

Rotary Engines

We are sole distributors for rotary engines, used for a variety of applications from sports toys, to manned and unmanned aircraft including Drones, boats, generators and so much more. The particular advantages of rotary engines, are a lack of vibration due to fully dynamically balanced rotating masses, a very compact design, high performance with a very flat torque curve, as well as low emissions. The key to good engineering is understanding a system. Solving individual problem areas is no good unless the interactions and impact on the complete system are taken into consideration, otherwise one solution results in one or more problems in other areas.


Innovation in Safety

Working closely in partnership with other technology companies, we are able to offer you, complete solutions for almost any application, with a team scientists, engineers and designers working together, with leading sportswear and sports equipment brands to build custom solutions to enhance the performance, comfort and protection of their clients using their products.

At the core of the technology platform is a material, which is soft and malleable in its natural state, but hardens immediately and temporarily upon impact. Its unique shape makes it waterproof, cooling, lightweight and durable. An endless range of formats and grades means it has almost infinite applications across all sports sectors. It can be integrated into practically any product to help control energy in movement.

Our innovation team can work with clients from concept through to production, marketing and delivery. Together with its national and international manufacturing partners, we are able to support any production level for our clients from one-offs to millions of units,



We can offer you, a complete Road-Legal Display and/ or Electronic Body control Solution for any OEM  Builders. We can design and build you a pre-configured, simple wiring solution, for all the relevant electrical items of your vehicle such as Indicators, Lights, Fuel Gauge, Hazard Lights, Handbrake Warning etc. integrating with both the ECU and infotainment system


We understand about competitive sport and as experienced racers ourselves, we know the importance of accurate data needed to improve driver and engine performance to win races. We have a huge range of specialised Motorsport data loggers, Dash Loggers and Racing Lap Timer products, designed by experienced race engineers. These are built to exacting standards and designed withstand the rigors of motor racing of all types.

Aim products are currently used by thousands of race drivers world wide and Aim are highly regarded as the defacto industry standard in data acquisition technology.


Autonomous Vehicles

We believe Autonomous vehicles will transform the way we live, work, and play, creating safer and more efficient roads. We are at the leading edge of autonomous vehicle platform development, incorporating deep learning systems designed to safely handle highly automated and fully autonomous driving. Developing Intelligent safety systems and software is the key to the future.

Collision Avoidance System

We are currently working on various Car Collision Avoidance Projects to develop the next-generation driver aid aiming to avoid collisions on roads and the track. Our goal is to attempt to minimise the consequences of a crash and avoid injuries and damage to the occupants and vehicle.

The areas of development include sensor systems, machine learning, vehicle-to-vehicle communications and vehicle control systems. We are already excelling in these areas in Motorsport and applying what we have learned to achieve and deliver superior safety systems.