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Aim Technologies operate on a Global scale and possess decades of experience in design and manufacture of software, hardware and advanced technologies.
We have a wide range of data loggers, Lap timers and racing cameras to fit all cockpit sizes along with all the peripheral cables, looms, sensors and accessories to fit most types of vehicle.

Aim Products

We understand about competitive Motorsport and as experienced racers ourselves, we know the importance of accurate data analysis to improve driver and engine performance to win races.

We have a huge range of specialised Motorsport data loggers, Dash Loggers and Racing GPS Lap Timer, as well as On Board Camera and Motorsport Sensors. These are built to exacting standards and designed to withstand the most harsh Motorsport environments.

Aim products are currently used by thousands of racers worldwide and Aim are highly regarded as the industry standard for data acquisition systems and Motorsport camera technology

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