Aim MXS Car Data logger
The brand new Plug & Play Dash Logger kit specifically designed for Lotus Elise/Exige (2011-2019).



AiM designed a specific connection kit to the Legends Cars ECU for MXm. The cable in this kit, allows you to read transmitted data from the ECU via RS232 and at the same time, to power up the system.


MXS 1.3 5″ TFT Compact Dash Logger

Aim MXS Car Data logger
The MXS 1.3 5″ TFT compact Dash Logger is fully configurable and suitable for many different Motorsports. It has been designed to acquire and display data coming from the ECU.

AiM MXP 1.3 6″ TFT Display Dash Data Logger


The MXP TFT 6″ wide colour Dash Logger is fully configurable and suitable for many different Motorsports. It has been designed to acquire and display data coming from the ECU. 

AiM MXG 1.3 7″ TFT Dash Display Logger

MXG 1.2 Dash Logger

The MXG 1.3 Dash Logger is our biggest dash display, with a 7″ TFT display making it a great fit for wide cockpit installations. The display is fully configurable and suitable for an array of Motorsports.


MXS 1.3 Strada

Aim MXS Strada

The MXS 1.3 Strada has a 5″ colour TFT display that offers a great visual impact. You can configure the dash to show all the information coming from the ECU, analogue /digital inputs, predefined math channels and an optional GPS Module.

MXP 1.3 Strada

Aim MXP Strada

The MXP 1.3 Strada features a 6″ wide colour TFT display, offering a great visual impact. It is configurable to show data coming from the ECU, 9 axis inertial platform (accelerometer, GYRO and magnetometer). 

MXG 1.3 Strada

MXG 1.2 Strada

The MXG 1.3 Strada features a 7″ wide colour TFT display, offering a great visual impact. It is configurable to show data coming from the ECU. The MXG 1.3 Strada is available with a choice of connection. Choose either the OBDII or K-Line CAN


Formula Steering Wheel 3

Aim Formula Steering Wheel 3

Formula Steering Wheel 3 features a small and precise fully configurable graphical display, showing the data sampled by the EVO4s or the EVO5.

Formula Steering Wheel 4

Formula 4

The all-new AiM Formula Steering Wheel 4 collection are our most advanced steering wheels to date. Get a closer look at our brand new design of display and functions.


‘IVA Compliant’ Dash Kits

IVA Compliant ‘Plug and Play’ Dash

The IVA Compliant ‘Plug and Play’ Dash, is a complete Road-Legal Display Solution for OEM, kit car and race car Builders. The kit has pre-configured, simple wiring connections, for all the relevant electrical items of your vehicle such as Indicators, Lights, Fuel Gauge, Hazard Lights, Handbrake Warning etc.

Aim MX Strada Kit

Aim MX Strada Kit

Turn any MX Strada into a full-working logger. Comprising of the Aim Strada Logger, the Data Hub and the GPS 08 Module, the kit will turn any MX Strada into a full-working data logger able to collect data ready to be analysed on Race Studio 3 helping you improve to your driver performance and identifying possible improvements in vehicle setup.

Aim Track Day Kit

Smartycam HD and Solo 2 Track Day Kit with Double Bracket

The Smartycam HD and Solo 2 Track Day Kit is a complete Video logger kit for any track day. The kit allows you to see your racing data on your high quality Smartycam recording.  



Aim MXL2 Dash Logger

The new MXL2 Car Data loggers designed for motosports, the MXL2 display features a high contrast traditional LCD with a black to white ratio which is nearly double its predecessor.


MXm Dash Logger

The compact-sized dash logger designed for racers needing all the essential information to monitor their vehicle behavior and improve their performance.


EVO4s Data Logger

Aim EVO4s Data Logger

The new EVO4S Car Data loggers maintain the same connection logic of EVO4 but with a completely redesigned internal electronic board. The EVO4s is also fully compatible with the latest generation of Aim dash loggers and with the Race Studio 3 software.

EVO5 Data Logger

Aim EVO5 Data Logger

The New EVO 5 Data logger is the evolution of the traditional data logger which has, over the years, become a standard de facto data acquisition system in a huge amount of racing championships.

Strada Logger

Aim EVO5 Data Logger

The Strada Logger is a small memory module ‘add on’ for the MX Displays, that let’s you record and save all the data coming from the ECU.

Solo 2

The new Solo 2 receives the data from two satellites constellations, GPS and Glonass: this is a huge step forward since it is unbelievably faster and more precise than the previous version.

Solo 2 DL

Aim Solo 2 DL

The new Solo 2 DL receives the data from two satellites constellations, GPS and Glonass: this is a huge step forward since it is unbelievably faster and more precise than the previous version.


Smartycam 3 Sport

SmartyCam 3 Sport

Smartycam 3 Sport is the newest, smallest and lightest professional camera designed by AiM for motorsport, which comes with a standard and a wide angle lens, higher framerate, better quality and much more!

Smartycam HD

Smartycam HD

Smartycam HD is the new professional camera designed for motorsports which come with a standard and a wide angle lense version for either interior or exterior installation.

Smartycam GP HD Rev 2.2

Smartycam GP HD Motorsport Bullet Camera

The Smartycam GP HD Rev 2.2 is the new professional HD bullet camera from Aim designed specifically for Motorsport. It comes in two lense options, standard, and wide angle for exterior installation.


SmartyCam 3 Dual - Official photo with bullets

SmartyCam 3 Dual is the flagship version of SmartyCam 3 range. It’s designed for any racer, who wants to get the most out of their performance video’s on the track.

Dual Full HD camera system, Video output, CAN connection, USB-C connection, Ethernet port. These are only few of the features of SmartyCam 3 Dual,

…the most powerful camera of our range.



Aim G-Dash Car Racing Display

GS-Dash is the new compact graphical display for EVO4. The GS-Dash is a small, flexible and fully configurable graphical display for any application that has limited space but requires a comprehensive data display.




Aim MX UTV is a gauge designed for being installed on an UTV vehicle. It samples and shows channels coming from the vehicle ECU, one temperature value. Lap times, with the precision of 1/100 sec and all parameters coming from GPS and Glonass constellations.




The main addition to the Aim MXsl is the inbuilt power module. Offering 10 high power outputs that can be used to directly power components such as motors, lights, fans, pumps and other electrical devices without the need to use conventional relays and fuses. The unit can also detect short circuits, overcurrents and open circuits while recording them for later diagnosis.



An AiM PDM at the center of vehicle electronics will greatly simplify your wiring harness and electronics installation while providing much more control. Our PDMs, housed in an anodized billet aluminum case, are designed to handle the rigors of Motorsport and include a complete professional data logger and internal dash controller.


Channel Expansion

Aim Channel Expansion

The compact CAN device provides virtually endless data acquisition and system expansion options for your car.

Data Hub

Aim Data Hub

The CAN connection is a multiplier working as an interface between Aim loggers (MXL/EVO3 Pro) and its peripheral equipment. The Data Hub is available with either 2 or 4 inputs.

GPS09 Module

Aim GPS 08 GPS Module
The GPS09 Module guarantees precision and reliability, working with almost twenty satellites to improve its performance.
With an average of less than one-metre tolerance, absolute precision will determine vehicle position. 

LCU-One Lambda Controller

Aim LCU-One Lambda Controller

The Aim LCU-One CAN Lambda controller, allows you to perfectly tune the carburetion of your engine as well as keep it at peak condition, improving your kart performance.

Memory Module

Aim Memory Module

The Aim Memory Module is a small SD Card holder that can be connected via CAN bus and offers massive data storage for Aim MXL2, MXG, MXS, EVO4s and EVO5 Data Loggers.

Shift Light Module

Shift Light Module

The compact array of ten RGB LEDs which help monitoring RPM thresholds, alerts and other indicators.

Remote Buttons Interface

Aim Remote Buttons Interface

The remote buttons interface has been designed to make MXL2/MXG/MXS use easier when the system buttons can be difficult to push, i.e when the dashboard is too narrow or too far from your reach.

TC Hub

Aim TC Hub

The TC Hub is a thermocouple multiplier which communicates through the CAN bus, increasing the number of available channels without engaging any analog channels of the logger.


Aim ECU Bridge

Aim ECU Bridge

An interface module connecting the ECU to an Aim visor as well as to the on-board camera SmartyCam, whenever a datalogger is not available.

Aim RPM Bridge

 Aim RPM Bridge

An interface designed to allow RPM overlay on SmartyCam videos when the car has got no ECU.



Aim MultiChron Car Racing Stopwatch

MultiChron stopwatch is an handy and versatile digital lap timer suited for any racing situation that can track up to four different racers simultaneously.


Car Sensors

Car Sensors

We offer a range of sensors for use with our data loggers and dash loggers

Custom Looms and Harnesses

Custom Looms and Harnesses

Find out more about our custom car looms, harness and ‘made to order ‘cable services.