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Aim Technologies are providers of world class Motorsport data loggers, Dash Loggers and Racing Lap Timers.

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Aim Technologies understand about competitive sport and as experienced racers ourselves, we know the importance of accurate data needed to improve driver and engine performance to win races. We have a huge range of specialised Motorsport data loggers, Dash Loggers and Racing Lap Timer products, designed by experienced race engineers. These are built to exacting standards and designed withstand the rigors of motor racing of all types.

Aim products are currently used by thousands of race drivers world wide and Aim are highly regarded as the defacto industry standard in data acquisition technology.




The new Solo 2 receives the data from two satellites constellations, GPS and Glonass.

This is a huge step forward since it is unbelievably faster and more precise than the previous version.

The Solo 2 track day racing lap timer relies on a database of more than 3,000 tracks all over the world.

As soon as it switches on, the Solo 2 lap timer identifies its position, recognises the starting line coordinates of the track and starts sampling lap times.

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Aim Products Catalogue 2018

We are pleased to offer you the 2018 Aim Product Catalogue
containing our new exciting range of world class data acquisition products.

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Aim Technologies are known for their excellent product support. We offer general advice, to full race setup design and implementation. We have a wealth of racing knowledge, great technology insight and the support of an experienced manufacturing team. Aim  racing products are currently used by many of the leading championship racing teams in the world.

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