Aim IVA Compliant ‘Easy Connection’ Dashes

For OEM and Kit Car Builders!

The IVA Compliant ‘Easy Connection’ Dash, is a complete Road-Legal Display Solution for OEM, kit car and race car Builders. The kit has pre-configured, simple wiring connections, for all the relevant electrical items of your vehicle such as Indicators, Lights, Fuel Gauge, Hazard Lights, Handbrake Warning etc.

The key to the system, is our dedicated wiring loom designed to integrate with our IVA Dash Displays offering simple installation of your vehicle electrics. This is all connected to your vehicle’s Engine ECU, to allow easily configurable warning lights and gauges as well as Speed / Gears Revs etc.

The Kits Include:

  • A Choice of 3 Different Size Road Legal ‘IVA Compliant’ Dash Displays
  • IVA loom
  • Wheel Speed Sensor
Aim IVA Approved Plug and Play Kit Car Dash

Three Different Size Dash Displays To Choose From

We realise that all car builds come in different size so we designed three different size TFT Colour dash displays, The 5″ MXS Strada, the MXP 6″ Dash Display and the impressive MXG 7″ extra wide dash display. These three size option offer a solution for all OEM, kit car and race car Builders and of course, they are all IVA Compliant removing the problems of getting your build certified.

5″ MXS Strada,

MXP Strada 6″ Dash Display

MXG Strada 7″ extra wide dash display

All High Contrast TFT Displays

The IVA Dash Displays shows RPM scale along with all the data you need, like speed, water temperature and oil pressure, lap times and much more. You can choose the custom pages you wish, including up to four additional fields. A wide library of page styles, defining which data to be shown, their end of scale and measured units. Swapping between pages is quite easy with the Strada range using the push buttons provided.

Easy Fit?

Once the dash is mounted in the vehicle, any qualified auto electrician will be able connect it all within a day, making the IVA Approved Kit Car Dash Kit,  a complete solution for kit car and road car Builders, who need a fully IVA compliant Dash Display for their build. With a pre-configured wiring loom, this offers a simple and cost effective legal way, to get a new digital display in your car.


No Problem, we can take a RPM feed from any Coil or Tacho Signal to make it all come alive.

MXS Strada Analog Digital Inputs

Watch Your Data in Pre-Configured Pages

All the dash displays have a high contrast TFT display and its visual quality is always optimal, as its ambient light sensor keeps the backlight at the best brightness levels. The dash is available in the “Street Icons” version needed by street users (fuel, oil, water temp etc.)

Flexible Shift Lights and Alarms

The multicolored RGB shift lights on the Strada’s can be customised to your liking to define the RPM threshold for each single gear. The same flexibility applies to the configurable RGB alarm LED’s. You can configure them in order to turn them on/off depending on analog or digital inputs, ECU values, expansion values, math channels or, optionally, GPS information. You choose conditions and colours and you can select a solid alarm or flashing one and the flashing frequency. It is also possible to configure an accompanying text message along with the alarm priorities.

MXS Strada Analog Digital Inputs

Race Studio 3

All the dash displays can be configured via Race Studio 3. You can create, modify, delete, import and export configurations with all channels, ECU drivers, Math channels, Display Pages, Digital output, Alarms, Shift Lights and all the expansions you need.

MXS Strada Race Studio 3
In The Box
  • Choice of 3 different size Road Legal IVA Compliant TFT Colour Dash Display
  • Wheel Speed Sensor
  • IVA loom
Technical Specs

Display : 5” TFT
Resolution : 800×480 pixels
Contrast : 600:1
Brightness : 700cd/m2 – 1,100 Lumen
Ambient light sensor : Yes
Alarm LEDs : 6 RGB freely configurable
Shift lights : 10 integrated freely configurable RGB LEDs
CAN connections : 2
ECU connections : CAN, RS232 or K-Line
ECU compatibility : + 1,000 industry leading ECUs
Expansion CAN connection : GPS, Channel Expansion, TC Hub, Lambda Controller, SmartyCam HD
Analog inputs : 8 fully configurable, max 1,000 Hz each
Digital inputs : 1 speed input, coil RPM input
Digital outputs : 1 (1 A max)
Second CAN : Yes
Body : Anodized Aluminum
Pushbuttons : Metallic
Connectors : 2 AMP connectors
Power consumption : 400 mA
Dimensions : 169.4x97x23 mm
Weight : 480 g
Waterproof : IP65



MXS Strada Vim Interface Module

MXS Strada Vim Interface Module 2


Simple Installation

We have tried to make the installation as simple as possible. The Dash requires power & earth and connecting to the ViM Module. The module has to be connected to your existing Indicators, Lights, etc. using the supplied simple wiring loom. Probably the most complicated part is then using a Multimeter to measure relevant signals to set up items such as your fuel gauge. And that’s it!

Once the dash is mounted in the vehicle (fixing brackets are available) if you prefer, any qualified auto electrician will be able connect it all for you within a day, making the IVA Approved Kit Car Dash Kit a complete solution for Kit Car and Road-Based Vehicle Builders who need a fully IVA compliant Dash Display for their build. Together with the included pre-configured, simple wiring loom the ‘ViM Kit’ offers a highly cost effective legal solution for a digital display in your vehicle.

Download Setup Manual

Customisable Display

Just like modern luxury cars you can choose the Dash display style, from classic round dials to fully digital readouts. Pre-configured layouts of different styles and colours ensure that the Dash is easily configurable using our free RaceStudio 3 software.
You can even switch between the different layouts at any time using the push buttons on the side of the Strada. If the Dash is too far away or you have mounted the display flush into your dashboard, extension cables are available to extend the buttons within easy reach.


Expandable According To Your Needs

As we have a long Motorsport heritage, the MXS Strada Dash can also be connected to other Aim products such as our Data Loggers or Cameras.

MXS Strada ECU Connection

Aim systems acquire data from the ECU of your vehicle. The list of available ECU drivers is constantly updated and upgraded on our support site and are published here. The support site includes over 1,000 different ECU’s both Stock and Racing. They are sorted by manufacturer/vehicle model and for each ECU you find the proprietary communication protocols, including the standard OBDII ones. From a hardware point of view, Aim systems manage the following data lines:

  • CAN
  • RS232
  • K-Line


MXS Strada Analog Digital Inputs

Aim systems analogue inputs are recorded up to 1,000 times per second each. You can connect and monitor all kinds of sensors, like:

  • Ratiometric potentiometers
  • Pressure sensors
  • Thermo-resistances
  • K-type thermocouples

and many others, all your custom sensors included

MXS Strada Analog Digital Inputs

Aim systems also feature digital inputs:

  • Speed signals – From the ECU, from the GPS and from the wheel sensors.
  • RPM – From the ECU or from a digital input connected to a square wave signal (8 to 50 V) or to a low voltage (from 150 to 400 V) of the coil.
  • Lap signal – Lap and split times are sampled by the GPS or via optical receiver/transmitter

Wiring Schema


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