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Aim Motorcycle Racing Sensors

Aim Sensor Technical Pdf Documents

Temperature Sensors

Exhaust Gas K type Thermocouple
Part: 3CVGAS807

Tyre temperature sensor
Part: X05TTS01B0

Water PT 100 thermoresistor M5 thread
Part: 3CVTRES2K0

Water PT 100 thermoresistor M10 thread
Part: X05TRM10A4512BPRS

Water PT 100 Thermoresistor 1/8” Thread
Part: X05VNPTA4513BPRS

  Download the sensor configuration file ready to import in RS2

Speed Sensors

Car speed sensor Honeywell
Part: X05SNVS00

Car Inductive Speed Sensor Contrinex
Part: Plastic con.: X05SNVDW0
Part: Metallic con.: X05SNVDW712

Car/Bike magnetic speed sensor
Part: Plastic con.: X02SNVM00
Part: Metallic con.: X05SNVB301

Beacon Equipment

Optical Lap Receiver
Part: 90 cm plastic con.: X41RX19090
Part: 300 cm plastic con.: X41RX19300
Part: 90 cm metallic con.: X41RX12090
Part: 300 cm metallic con.: X41RX12300
Part: 140 cm metallic con.: X41RX12140

Optical CAN Lap Receiver
Part: X02RXCAN0400

Optical Lap Transmitter

Inertial Sensors


Lateral Accelerometer
Part: X05SNACCM30

RPM Adaptors

RPM-ECU Coil Adapter – ARP03

RPM-ECU Coil Adapter – ARP03 for EVO4
Part: X50AARP040

Spark Plug Inductive RPM Adapter – ARP05
Part: X10ADRPM000