Aim Technologies Remote Support

We try to help you in as many ways as possible, but sometimes you need someone to show you how to do something ‘hands on’.

We offer a remote support option that allows us to temporarily connect to your computer and dash as if we where sitting there with you. This helps you solve your problem quicker than numerous phone calls and help us cut down the support time. Using remote support is quite simple, follow the steps below to allow us to make a temporary connection to your device in real time whilst you are there. Once done the session expires and we can no longer connect.

You will need to follow these steps

1Call us on 01782 393843 to make a Remote Support Appointment

then please follow the instructions below…

2 – Make sure you have already installed Race Studio 2 and 3 on the computer you wish to use for set up and data analysis.
(use this link to download Race Studio 2 & 3)

3 – Install or set up the dash / logger with power, and a hard wire connection to your computer, as in the manual

4 – Install the team viewer software from the link below on to the computer attached to the dash
( from this link )

5 – Save the login password from your team viewer login screen

6 – Have the logger powered up, and the computer plugged in and connected to the internet

Once logged in,  We can control and set up the logger for you in real time helping you see how it’s done visually.

Any questions or to make a remote support call us on 01538 266195