IBTS The Infrared Belt Temperature System

Due to anything you can find on an off-road circuit, UTV Racing is such a demanding activity which does really stress every component of your vehicle. Without any doubt, the transmission belt is one of those and if it should reach critical temperatures of exercise without being kept under control, it could even break down and let you out of the race.

This is the reason why AiM designed the Infrared Belt Temperature System: a simple and reliable way for monitoring the temperature of the transmission belt of your UTV. The kit is composed by a gauge and an infrared sensor. Reliable, easy to install, perfectly visible
in every light condition, it has been designed for working in a hard environment.

Everything Right Under Control

What the gauge shows

  • The temperature value is constantly shown and recorded in the internal memory every ten seconds, in order to be evaluated after the test
  • The external supply voltage

Temperature, No more fear

It is possible to set two different thresholds for the temperature, a Warning level and an Alarm level.

The temperature value is shown in:

  • White when its value is under the Warning level
  • Yellow when is over the Warning level
  • Red when is over the alarm level. In this case, a RED message appears and the red LED starts blinking

Recall your previous test

From online page it is possible to access to data recall section, for revisiting the data of the last 25 tests, that have to be longer than 2 minutes and shorter than 5 hours.