MX Series – Frequently Asked Questions

(MXL2, MXS, MXG, MXS Strada, MXS 1.2, MXP, MXG 1.2, MXS 1.2 Strada, MXP Strada, MXG 1.2 Strada, MXm)

Which speed is taken as reference for the odometers travelled distance calculation?

Which are the differences between MXS and MXS Strada?

Which GPS Module can I connect to my device to sample lap/split times and start finish line coordinates?

How can I connect my SmartyCam HD/GP HD with AiM devices and configure both?

How can I replicate my original instrumentation warning and indicator lamps once the signal has been connected to my AiM device channel?

In which way can I display gear information on my MXx/EVOx device?

The overlays of my SmartyCam video do not show the proper value, why?

What kind of alarms can I set on my MXx 1.2 device?


What is the memory storage of the AiM MXx and EVOx devices and how many tests can I store into them?


How can I connect my AiM device to my vehicle engine control unit (ECU)?

How do I connect my AiM device to the vehicle OBDII connector?

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How can I increase the number of my device analog channels?

How can I connect more expansion modules to my AiM device if the “CAN/EXP” cable (or EXP port on EVO4s) is already busy?


Dash locks at the “crank”.


How can I manage my MXL2 odometers?

How can I manage my MXG 1.2/MXS 1.2/MXP/MXG 1.2 Strada/MXS 1.2 Strada/MXP Strada odometers?


How is it possible to protect an AiM device when it is powered on?

Are my AiM device grounds distinguished by type?

To which source can I connect my device to be able to correctly power it up?


How can I activate my MXS Strada (Street Icons version) alarm LEDs so to answer my car/bike signals?

How can I connect a generic analog sensor to one of my AiM device analog channels?

How can I connect K type thermocouple sensors to my AiM MXx/EVOx device?


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