MYCHRON5/MYCHRON5 2T – Frequently Asked Questions


How can I configure my MyChron5 LED bar?

How can I set the user information (driver name) if I cannot find the User Info icon into my MyChron5 main menu?


Exhaust gas thermocouple (EGT) shows unexpected values.

How can I perform gear calibration on MyChron5?

How does MyChron5/2T associates temperature channels and their label?

My MyChron5 display shows EGT channel labelled as CHT: why?

Water temperature (WAT) shows unexpected values.


Old files are overwritten by new ones.

I want to download data from MyChron5 using Data Key.


I would like to see a second temperature channel (for example, EGT) on my MyChron5 display.

I would like to sample and show tires temperature on my MyChron5.

Which expansion modules are compatible with MyChron5?

How can I see data sampled by LCU-One CAN on MyChron5 display?

I sampled LCU-One CAN data: how can I read them properly?

How can I connect more expansion modules to my AiM device if the “CAN/EXP” cable (or EXP port on EVO4s) is already busy?


MyChron5 identified US (USA) and EU (Europe) are different? How can I recognize them?


MyChron5 display is darkened, turns upside down, shows black lines and rolling numbers, turns off. What’s going on?

The manual says to coil RPM cable many times, why AiM does not give this suggestion?


The track I’m racing on is not in Race Studio 3. What can I do?

How does different LAP detection modes work?

How does MyChron5 display lap times?

What is “Blind Time” and how can I set it?


How can I interpret my MyChron5/MyChron5 2T LEDs behavior?


How can I manage my MyChron5 odometers?


Is it possible to power MyChron5 with an external battery?

Is It possible to recharge MyChron5 without removing the battery?

Why can’t I overtake 90% of battery charge?


I can’t transmit logos to MyChron5.


How can I manage the sensors connected to MyChron Expansion?


My MyChron5 shows random data and LED blinks changing colour. Why?


MyChron5 doesn’t show Wi-Fi mode: “ON”. Why?

I can’t remember the password and I can’t access to MyChron5.

Which types are allowed when in the SSID and in the password settings?

Even though my PC is correctly connected to one AiM device via Wi-Fi, the User Interface of Race Studio 3 does not report it. Any idea about this issue?

When I use Race Studio 3 from a virtualized WindowsT on MacT OS, the device connected via Wi-Fi may show different behaviors (it is quickly viewed / takes some time to be displayed / does not appear): why?