Kart Mychron Expansion

MyChron Powerboat Expansion

MyChron Powerboat Expansion channel multiplier improves MyChron5 and MyChron5 2T (and also MyChron4 and MyChron4 2T) performance, thanks to four additional channels and a further CAN bus connector. Through this last connector the systems can be connected to LCU-One Lambda controller and SmartyCam HD (and to GPS and Data key for MyChron4 systems).

Thanks to its specific wiring, MyChron Powerboat Expansion powers the systems and their peripherals with an external battery, avoiding internal battery consumption.

The acquisition of all essential data you need to evaluate your car performance needs the connection of many peripherals to your data logger. This implies the presence of a great number of cables. To solve this problem, Aim developed Data Hub, the new CAN connection multiplier that works as an interface between all Aim loggers and their peripheral equipment.

Each Hub connects the logger with four peripherals i.e. LCU lambda controller, GPS08 Module and one or more TC Hub (thermocouple multiplier).Data Hub takes all the information you need to your logger with only one cable, minimising wires overall.
Data Hub is available in two versions:

Two way Data Hub with external power

Four way Data Hub

More Data Hub can be connected in sequence in order to increase the number of peripherals which can be connected. Data Hub is waterproof IP65.

MyChron Powerboat Expansion features four inputs to connect the systems to an equal number of additional channels. All channels are easily configurable as analog through the system menu to sample data coming from:

  • Exhaust gas valve position sensor (very important to understand at which RPM value the exhaust port opens)
  • Wheel speed sensor: the first input on the left can be configured also as digital input
  • No contact brake pedal position sensor
  • No contact throttle pedal position sensor (to know if and when to accelerate)
  • Brake pressure sensor
  • Water temperature or cylinder head temperature (PT100 thermo-resistor only)
  • Steering angle potentiometer (to highlight over/under steering situations)
  • Brake pedal potentiometer Throttle pedal potentiometer

MyChron Expansion is a complete, value-for-money instrument for professional kart analysis. Warning: MyChron Expansion DOES NOT support gear calculation.