SMARTYCAM HD/SMARTYCAM GP HD – Frequently Asked Questions


How can I include the radio communication audio track (intercom and team radio) in the video track recorded by SmartyCam?


How can I configure the compatible CAN protocol with my vehicle Engine Control Unit (ECU), to represent data through my SmartyCam GP HD 2.2 overlays, when directly connected to the ECU?

How can I make SmartyCam GP HD 2.2 receive data provided through a CAN communication protocol (i.e Lap Time, GPS coordinates) and represent them on the overlay?

Which kind of data communication protocols are supported by SmartyCam GP HD 2.2, in order to connect it to my vehicle Engine Control Unit (ECU) directly?


Which GPS Module can I connect to my device to sample lap/split times and start finish line coordinates?


How can I configure SmartyCam HD/GP HD with SoloDL?

How can I configure SmartyCam HD Rev 2.1/GP HD with Solo 2 DL?

How can I connect my SmartyCam HD/GP HD with AiM devices and configure both?

How do the automatic video recording strategies (Auto Start Rec) change when my SmartyCam GP HD 2.2 is used in standalone mode with/without an ECU connected?

The overlays of my SmartyCam video do not show the proper value, why?


How do I connect my AiM device to the vehicle OBDII connector?

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How can I show Lambda value in my SmartyCam HD overlay?


Once updated my Mac OS X from El Capitan to Sierra, I can’t play no longer the movies recorded by my SmartyCam HD with QT Player. Can I avoid this issue?


Connection between SmartyCam and AiM dash/logger is instable. SmartyCam shows “No connection” message. Can I fix it?

Noises on the movie or on SmartyCam display. Green screen, bad or locked image. How can I fix it?


I cannot edit the recorded videos with my SmartyCam HD/GP HD even if I can open them using VLC Media Player: why?


Recovering a damaged SmartyCam video