ECU Connections

EVO4s acquires data from the ECU of your vehicle.The list of available ECU drivers is constantly updated and upgraded and is published in our support site which include over 1000 different ECU’s, either Stock and Racing. They are sorted by manufacturer/vehicle model and for each ECU, you will find the proprietary communication protocols, including the standard OBDII ones.
From a hardware point of view, EVO4s manages the following data lines:

  • CAN
  • RS232
  • K-Line
MXG ECU Connections
RS3 Download Page

Analog Digital Inputs

MXG Analog Digital Inputs

EVO4s has eight analog inputs, recorded up to 1000 times per second each. You can connect and monitor all kinds of sensors, like:

  • Ratiometric potentiometers
  • Pressure sensors
  • Thermo-resistances
  • K-type thermocouple and many others, all your custom sensors included.
MXG has eight analog inputs

EVO4s also features six digital inputs

  • Four speed signals – EVO4s can receive the speed signal from the ECU, from the GPS and from the four wheel sensors.
  • RPM – EVO4s can receive the RPM signal from the ECU or from a digital input connected to a square wave signal (8 to 50 V) or to a low voltage (from 150 to 400 V) of the coil.
  • Lap signal – Lap and split times are sampled by the GPS (included in the kit) or via optical receiver/transmitter.
MXG also features six digital inputs

GPS Module

MXG GPS 08 Module

The GPS08 Module (included in the kit) connected via CAN to the EVO4s makes lap time calculation and track position analysis very easy. Each Aim EVO4s memory stores more than 200 world tracks start/finish line coordinates: as soon as Aim EVO4s is switched on, the GPS08 Module will locate its position, identify track-line coordinates and start immediately sampling lap and split time.

If the track is not included in the database, it is always possible to add the start/finish line coordinates to the Aim EVO4s via PC before going to the track, using the Race Studio 3 – Track Manager software.

Second CAN

An innovative EVO4s feature is its CAN 2 line, managing data coming from your additional modules (i.e. ABS, traction control, infrared temperature sensors and more). This feature meets the requirements of a growing number of racers, as the use of additional modules is becoming quite common in a number of series.

MXG Second CAN

Internal Accelerometer and Gyro

The internal three-axial accelerometer and the gyroscope provide the EVO4s a very powerful array of information. These force and motion sensors enable you to quantify the dynamic characteristics of your vehicle. Measuring acceleration forces and gyro rates can assist in determining how to improve your vehicle performances.

MXG Internal Accelerometer and Gyro

Math Channels

With EVO4s you immediately get Math Channels values. The data logger can be configured to display those values (i.e. brake bias, calculated gear) in real time.

MXG Math Channels