Truck Racing MCM – Master Control Module

Truck Racing MCM
The newest addition to our selection is the MCM Master Control Module which utilizes a high performance 3 core CPU for fast closed-loop control and large applications. It has 0.5 MB application memory and 0.5 MB log memory for complete machine control and a future proof solution.

The MCM architecture has lockstep CPU and hardware redundancy for very high real-time performance in safety critical applications. The Tri core processor offers fast application cycle time down to 1ms. Precision control with a resolution down to 1 mA, a must when there is need for controlling precise movements. Zero drift control provides the lowest possible output offset current and drift.

The MCM is a standalone 12/24V module with endless possibilities controlling hydraulic / pneumatic valves, brake system management, datalogger interface, Engine / transmission interface and control, expansion module control ect.

Control inputs include proportional joysticks, Encoders, Speed sensors, angle sensors, CAN data, PWM, Pulse count, Directional pulse count, Current loop, Voltage, Frequency and Digital. Outputs include Proportional current, PWM, Digital and CAN. Additional CAN output devices can be controlled by the MCM.

We supply a range of CAN input and output modules ranging from temperature input to frequency output enabling a complete control solution for most applications.

MCM Specification:

Core: MCU triple core 300 MHz
Program memory: (Flash/SRAM) 0.5 MB / 0.5 MB
Data log memory: (Dflash) 2 MB
Settings and counter memory: (FRAM) 32 KB
Inputs: total 18
Voltage inputs: 12-bit, 0 – 5 V X 8
Voltage inputs: 12-bit, 0 – 32 V X 2
Current-loop inputs: 13-bit, 0 – 20 mA X 2
Timer inputs: (Freq PWM, Pulse): 0 – 50 KHz X 6
Digital inputs: X 6
Outputs total: 8
Current outputs: (closed-loop): 100 – 2500 mA 2 X 2
PWM outputs: 4 A high-side (6 A in parallel) X 4
PWM outputs: 2.5 A low-side 4
Digital outputs: 300 mA low-side – – 8
Network: CAN X 2 J1939 250 – 500 Kbps
Generic 11 bit or 29 bit extended 50 Kbps – 1Mb