Total Solutions

For the past 20 years we have been designing and developing individual solutions for OEM markets, combining individual solutions with the advantages of proven and tested technology. Our service is unique as we provide everything you need for your project, all in one place. With our wealth of experience in both mechanical engineering, electronic software and hardware development, we can offer you a complete end to end design and build solution from the development of a prototype, right through to the release of a complete vehicle solution. As we work with all aspects of your concept, from electrical and mechanical system design, providing a complete solution which helps us deliver the correct solution for you in a very short time frame. read more


All aspects of project development are carried out within our own manufacturing facility.  Our expertise include CAD, Hardware design, Software and Firmware development, CNC engineering, SMD assembly lines, which include two different pick-and-place (P&P) machines arranged in sequence.  Handling over 15 million components and producing over a 100,000 boards per year, we can handle projects of all sizes and complexity.