Congratulations!¬†Official TIME TO CLIMB FAI world record! 1’40”!

The world record of airplanes powered by internal combustion engines for climbing from 0 to 3000m has just been beaten with a Wankel Rotary Engine: only 100 seconds! This is an awesome achievement that shows the huge potential of rotary engines.

April 19th, 2018. Oxnard airport.Team Aviation F/X and Russ and Eric McFarland bring you the World Recordfor time to climb to 10.000′ in 1’40” from brakes release. The aircraft is a modified Harmon Rocket powered by a massive Wankel rotary engine boosted to 650hp. The McFarlands are expert promoters of the Wankel rotary engines and this latest exploit is the culmination of a brilliant research and development project that lasted years.

SPECIAL THANKS to Paul Lamar for his invaluable expertise on Wankel rotary engines, that made this feat possible trough relentless research and dedication.

Please visit or to get more information about rotary applications for experimental aviation as well as to know what we can do to make your experimental aircraft faster, smoother and more efficient.

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