Aim Technologies is a compound brand offering innovative solutions to diverse problems, offering its clients a strong technology based team dedicated to enhancing their brand.

  • an optimised combination of our patented platform technology
  • our unique generative design capabilities and our in-house prototyping and testing facilities.

This results in highly-integrated and diverse solution development improving safety impact protection.  Performance in almost every sport could be improved if energy were being controlled better.

The compound technology integrated into a product makes it possible to absorb, and therefore control energy. However ‘energy control’ is not something that’s talked about yet as a single concept, instead it’s referred to by a variety of terms such as impact, vibration, noise, tension, torsion and movement. There is little recognition that these are related and sit along a spectrum of energy magnitude.

The compound product can be incorporated into products in a wide variety of formats and geometries depending on the nature and magnitude of the energy that needs to be controlled.

Optimising this control is a function of good design and smart integration.

  • Suitable for applications that range of Motorsport crash helmets to Football gear.
  • Each point on the ‘energy control spectrum’ relies on a different subset of benefits of the technology
  • Optimising ‘energy control’ is a function of good design and smart integration techniques

We seek to create a new category of ‘energy control’ technology akin to the ‘breathability’ technology of Gore-Tex. The aim is to position the ingredient brand as synonymous with this capability in a new generation of functional products.