Insight Sensor Applications

The Insight sensor provides critical data and feedback about impacts. The applications for the Insight Sensor cover all extreme sports and high risk industries where the chances of impact injuries are high and the need to react to these with informative data to protect the individual at risk.

Helmets, Harnesses and life jackets are the personal protective equipment used is most extreme sports and in industry. These are designed to minimise head impacts and impact injuries. Studies have shown that helmets can effectively reduce the risk of skull fracture and severe brain injuries, but their capability in avoiding milder brain injuries, particularly those caused by head rotation is somewhat limited.

Insight Sensors embedded into protective equipment like helmets, make that protection more dynamic and take it to a whole new level, not only with actual impact protection but with instantaneous alerts sent to mobile devices to alert the authorities or controllers, that an impact has taken place. Insight Sensors can send you almost instant results of the medical condition of the person wearing the helmet/protective equipment after the accident including the accident location to device you decide.

Currently there was no integrated sensor technology providing feedback about injuries sustained in extreme sport or high risk industrial work. Furthermore, there was previously, no way that users can immediately assess the significance of any impact on their helmets, whether there is the potential for a concussive brain injury or simply whether their helmet is still fit for purpose following an impact or a collision.

Without real data on the nature of an impact, the individual is left to make purely subjective assessments, which can lead to them failing to get appropriate medical attention or continuing to use ineffective helmet or safety equipment, both of which can have very serious consequences.






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