The aixro XF40 is one of aixro’s engine for continuous power supply. It is now used in various different development applications, such as microlight aircraft and paramotor trikes. Besides the standard configuration, several variations are possible, such as different inlet manifolds. Also, the engine can be mounted in different orientations.


  • type 4-stroke single rotor rotary engine
  • power 26kW at 6500rpm
  • torque >35Nm from 4500rpm
  • max. rpm 7000rpm
  • fuel gasoline (MoGas/AvGas)
  • 2% oil premix
  • fuel consumption 5-8l/h
  • depending on application
  • dry weight 18.7kg (excl. exhaust, cooling and reduction)
  • capacity 294cm³
  • rotor cooling charge cooled
  • housing cooling liquid cooled
  • ignition digital self-sustained system
  • alternator 75W/6A from 5000rpm
  • (180W/15A optional)
  • PTO V-belt pulley (Ø59mm, PJ 16 stripes)

Included Features

  • Ceramic apex seals
  • Mechanical single-cable dual inlet control
  • Float carburettor with fuel pump and air filter
  • Water channel vents for upside-down mount
  • Water Pump with timing belt drive
  • Onboard starter
  • Ignition with alternator
  • Autoventilated V-belt pulley
  • Stainless steel exhaust with 90° manifold and springs

Optional Features

  • Modular exhaust components
  • Alternative intake manifolds
  • Mounting plate with reduction drive (2.5:1 and 3:1)
  • Custom modifications upon request

Get in touch if you need help with your engineering project or if you need our development team to design from ground up.

We also supply a range of UAV drone engines for Government / Science projects.

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