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SAFE2RACE are at the forefront of automotive safety innovation, our mission is to automate safety systems in motorsport, improving safety for organisations, competitors and spectators alike.

About us

Aim Technologies design, develop and manufacture world class Motorsport data logging equipment to supply thousands of championships and race teams globally. Their equipment is engineered to deliver the accurate data needed to improve driver and vehicle performance and win races.

Aim’s technical expertise reaches far beyond the Motorsport market. Aim are equipped with an in-depth knowledge and experience in designing, developing and manufacturing hardware and software for a number of sectors including, but not exclusive to; military, aviation and OE.

In addition to Aim’s motorsport products, Aim Technologies also provide a number of track side services to motorsport championships and manufacturers worldwide. With services including bespoke Balance of Performance; Scrutineering; Data Engineers; Incident and Yellow Flag Support and Full Championship Support, Aim are leading the curve in custom implementations, improved safety controls and cheat prevention detection.

Aim’s hardware and software is mutually beneficial for championships, manufacturers, drivers and teams. Not only are championships be safe in the knowledge they are are running equitable events and manufacturers rely on the use of advanced safety measures, but drivers and teams are too able to reap the benefits of Aim hardware being installed in their vehicles. Alongside the safety and equality benefits, drivers and teams have the additional bonus of gaining in-depth information to assist with vehicle analysis which proves invaluable for driver coaching and enhancing vehicle performance.

Aim Technologies have extensive motorsport experience, paired with many years of refinement and research developing their hardware and software solutions. Aim Technologies are firmly placed at the forefront of design and manufacture for of motorsport vehicle monitoring equipment . Aim products are used by championships, manufacturers, race drivers and teams world-wide, making Aim highly regarded as the go-to brand for data acquisition technology.


Providing our expertise, when it matters the most. Our teams can assist with system set-up, integration and track-side services; in addition to a range of bespoke event support packages.