Our scientists, engineers and designers work with leading sportswear and sports equipment brands to build custom solutions to enhance the performance, comfort and protection of their products.

At the core of the compound technology which is soft and malleable in its natural state, but hardens immediately and temporarily upon impact. Its unique shape makes it waterproof, cooling, lightweight and durable. An endless range of formats and grades means it has almost infinite applications across all sports sectors. It can be integrated into practically any product to help control energy in movement.

  • Harnessing active polymers
  • Gives your product reflexes
  • Unique combination of chemistry, geometry and design
  • Wide range of benefits depending on specifications




The compound technology is made up of 5 core elements which combine to enhance the performance of any product it is supporting:

  • Highly strain-rate sensitive polymers that stiffen momentarily while absorbing energy
  • Bespoke geometries tailored to each product – boost energy absorption performance regardless of the direction of the forces
  • Computational generative design techniques optimise solutions (e.g. enabling real-world data such as CT scans to drive design process)
  • Manufacturing process know-how


The Compound material technology integrates into your product to enhance performance, protection and comfort. Simply put, it gives your product powerful, new reflexes. In the blink of an eye, Compound technology reacts instinctively to control energy.

Integrating Compound into a product enables the wearer or user to benefit from faster reactions, conserving energy so they can go further, last longer and be more prepared for the unexpected than they were before.

Functional Benefits

  • Lightweight and self-healing
  • Cooling geometries enhance breathability
  • Extremely tough and durable with a wide operating temperature range
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Meets impact standards at less than half the normal thickness and weight
  • Controls energy across a very wide spectrum
  • Adheres directly to fabrics, plastics, leather and other substrates