The world record of air planes powered by internal combustion engines for climbing from 0 to 3000m has just been beaten with a Wankel Rotary Engine: only 100 seconds!  This is an awesome achievement that shows the huge potential of rotary engines.

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Powerful Paramotor Plant XF 40 is The Perfect Choice

The aixro XF40 is one of aixro’s engine for continuous power supply. It is now used in various different development applications, such as microlight aircraft and paramotor trikes. Besides the standard configuration, several variations are possible, such as different...

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Aircraft Engines With More Electrical Power

Aircraft engines have to deal with an increasing electricity demand. The Latest electronic requirements and on-board equipment, as well as electronic cameras, radar sets and so on are in constantly needing a higher capacity wattage so we had to look at this problem...

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World Record with Aixro Engine!

+++ BREAKING NEWS +++ 5:23 sec! New HOT SAW WORLD RECORD on Poplar for German athlete Robert Ebner (on the right)! Congratulations Robert! World Record with aixro engine! Congratulations to Robert Ebner and WankelSpeed!...

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