Automated marshal flagging system benefits race marshals, race control and competitors.

Advancing Motorsport Safety

Safe2Race brings advanced and automated safety features, accessible to all levels of motorsport.

Bidirectional Status Awareness

A wireless link connects all vehicles with each other and Race Control; allowing automated notifications to be sent to Race Control and all driver displays when the status of a vehicle changes.

Optimised Track Time

Features of Safe2Race including, automated flagging; helmet sensor technology; automated penalty systems and highly accurate race dat all contribute to safer and more efficient racing conditions, this more time on track for drivers.


The Safe 2 Race system was developed after we recognised the need for automating manual warnings and marshal systems during race events, to improve safety and response times. Our systems and hardware use wireless connections, artificial intelligence and unique algorithms to automate warnings and safety features to benefit circuits, race organisers, race control, marshals, drivers, teams and spectators. The S2R system updates every second on a range of interfaces and has various user functionality permissions.

Safe 2 Race System Key Functionality

The key functionality of the Safe2Race system for circuit, championships and driver use:

  • Real time vehicle status awareness, tracking and timing vehicles for superior circuit and competition safety and compliance.
  • Superior safety technology integrates vehicle to Race Control communications with instant notifications and automatic features.
  • Instantly gives circuit and championship officials the information they need, whilst providing competitors and spectators real time race information – available on web and mobile interfaces.
  • An electronic system with integrated AI designed to pair medical and impact data, offering currently unrivalled safety to competitors in Motorsport.
  • Automated marshal flagging system benefits race marshals, race control and competitors.
  • Instant in car notifications for drivers to notify of any change in race conditions, notification reaction within 1/10th second.
  • Integrated systems for race control, team and spectator race timing information with a range of interface permissions.
  • In-built penalty automation systems and post incident analysis.
  • Tiers of access and custom permissions.