Automated marshal flagging system benefits race marshals, race control and competitors.

Advancing Motorsport Safety

Safe2Race brings advanced and automated safety features, accessible to all levels of motorsport.

Bidirectional Status Awareness

A wireless link connects all vehicles with each other and Race Control; allowing automated notifications to be sent to Race Control and all driver displays when the status of a vehicle changes.

Optimised Track Time

Features of Safe2Race including, automated flagging; helmet sensor technology; automated penalty systems and highly accurate race dat all contribute to safer and more efficient racing conditions, this more time on track for drivers.


Safe 2 Race systems are extremely dynamic and update within a split second for a range of interfaces that have have various different user permissions. This Real time awareness provides the ultimate safety for all participants and organisers alike. Our system offers a range of additional features that will improve racing for all. The Safe 2 Race system offers a range of benefits to circuits, championships and drivers, including:

  • Proven reduction in secondary collisions following an incident
  • Full millisecond lap timing, splits and sectors
  • Reduction in accident reaction time and medical intervention time
  • Proven reduction in the number of overtaking incidents
  • Preventing accidents, reducing instances of injury and death
  • Robust and fail safe communication networks
  • Instant and highly accurate data during races and for post-race review
  • Driver alerts controlled automatically by AI or manually by race control
  • Instant in vehicle status awareness for incidents and hazards
  • More track time
  • Real time tracking and timing information
  • Review data from races for analysis
  • AI warns drivers and organisers of possible helmet damage
  • AI increases driver safety by notifying medics of possible head injury
Safe 2 Race System Benefits

Benefits For Competitors

Drivers and teams are able to reap the benefits of safer racing conditions with Safe 2 Race resulting fewer accidents and ensuring more optimised track time when competing.

  • Proven to reduce collisions
  • Millisecond lap timing, splits and sectors
  • Reduced medical intervention time
  • Prevents overtaking incidents
  • Reduces injury and death
  • App and software available
  • Fail safe communication networks
  • Automatic in-vehicle alerts
  • More track time
  • Instant vehicle status awareness
  • Real time tracking
  • AI warns of helmet damage
  • AI indicates possible head injuries
  • Proven to reduce collisions
Benefits For Competitors

Benefits For Organisations

Benefits For Organisations

Safe 2 Race collaborate with circuits, championships and organisations to provide products and services to meet improved safety objectives.


  • Assists race marshals
  • Reduced incident intervention time
  • Instant, highly accurate race data
  • Post race analysis
  • Automated and manual driver alerts
  • Instant incident and hazard awareness
  • Race data can be stored and reviewed
  • Incident and accident investigation
  • Updates for circuits and officials
  • App interface for organisations