Automated marshal flagging system benefits race marshals, race control and competitors.

Advancing Motorsport Safety

Safe2Race brings advanced and automated safety features, accessible to all levels of motorsport.

Bidirectional Status Awareness

A wireless link connects all vehicles with each other and Race Control; allowing automated notifications to be sent to Race Control and all driver displays when the status of a vehicle changes.

Optimised Track Time

Features of Safe2Race including, automated flagging; helmet sensor technology; automated penalty systems and highly accurate race dat all contribute to safer and more efficient racing conditions, this more time on track for drivers.


The Safe 2 Race system was developed after we recognised the need for automating manual warnings and marshal systems during race events, to improve safety and response times. Our systems and hardware use wireless connections, artificial intelligence and unique algorithms to automate warnings and safety features to benefit circuits, race organisers, race control, marshals, drivers, teams and spectators. The S2R system updates every second on a range of interfaces and has various user funtionality permissions.

Safe 2 Race units are installed in each competition vehicle, update Race Control with live tracking information about safety and timing information using a radio link. Vehicles approaching a problem vehicle, or sector on the circuit, receive in-car flagging (optional) with incident proximity indication:


  • Race Control has the capability to separately flag individual vehicles or all vehicles currently on the circuit.
  • The Race Control interface divides a circuit into multiple configurable ‘zones’ (e.g. pit lane, runoff area, pit paddock).
  • Zones have parameters, such as the speed thresholds, before a vehicle is determined to be a hazard; this changes the behaviour of all units in that zone.
  • Zones are easily created and modified dynamically by Race Control.
How Safe 2 Race Works

Safe 2 Race Helmet Safety Sensor

The Safe 2 Race system integrates with the Safe 2 Race insight sensor technology to offer unrivalled safety features that have never before been available in Motorsport, including:

  • Provides feedback and notifies if a helmet is unfit for purpose following an impact
  • AI data assessment within 5 seconds of any impact
  • Cost-effective, low-power, integrated and wireless technology (1)
  • 300-hour active use time without charging or battery replacement
  • Offers the option to receive, store, compare and share data via the Insight smartphone App (2)
  • Records the time, location, magnitude and force transfer of an impact
  • Highlights brain injury based on rotational motion during an impact
  • AI uses impact data to grade potential injury severity and likely clinical outcomes
  • Faster and more reliable triage, diagnosis and care pathway decisions
  • Protected electronics in a water, moisture and dust proof casing
Safe 2 Race Helmet Safety Sensor

Flagging Display Options

Flagging Display Options
Flagging Display Options
Flagging Display Options

Automated Flagging

Flags can be generated by artificial intelligence or race control, race control can then alter or cancel flag conditions. Flag conditions, updates and cancellation of flags are instantly displayed via Safe 2 Race’s in-vehicle hardware to notify drivers. Race control displays are used to verify flags and where they are applicable.

The Safe 2 Race system features an automated flagging system to assist race marshals, the key features of this are:


  • All flags are instantly displayed on display hardware installed within vehicles.
  • Flags are either generated automatically via AI decisions or manually via race control.
  • Flags can be cancelled by being overridden by race control at any point during a race.
  • Race control displays are used to confirm when required flags have been transmitted and display which competitors they are applicable to.
  • Confirmation of flag compliance and non-compliance is displayed to race control.
  • Any flag infringements are logged by the system for post-race analysis.

Real Time Status Awareness

Our vehicle tracking technology allows race control to view the location of any competitor or service vehicle with Safe 2 Race hardware installed. In addition to this, our advanced algorithms can determine when tracked vehicles are involved in an impact, change in direction or have a sudden drop in speed, alerting race control with details of the vehicle and the incident type along with the location timing of the incident. The system’s real-time status awareness allows the tracking and timing status of all competitor and service vehicles at a circuit during an event:

  • Vehicle tracking allows race control to view the location of any competitor or service vehicle at a circuit.
  • Pre-defined Geofences can be set using the systems software to identify areas of the circuit based on their potential for danger; this is done using a hot to cold scale.
  • Timing functionality allows all vehicle timing and tracking information to be held in one central system, allowing timing information to be communicated to teams and spectators, in addition to race control through various interfaces.
  • Advanced algorithms determine when a vehicle has been involved in an impact, where the impact took place and the timing of the impact.
  • Algorithms have the ability to report the type of impact, including the direction of impact and whether the impact is vehicle to vehicle.
  • Any change in a vehicles speed or direction of travel that is seen as abnormal by the algorithms will flag an alert to race control and competitors.

Automated Penalty Systems

The Safe2Race system uses tracking and timing to deliver automated penalty and limit enforcement technology, this offers an impartiality not currently seen in racing. Our automated penalty systems enforce a range of scenarios including: pit lane speed limit; time penalty serving; minimum pit stop times; drive through penalties, plus much more.

The system allows for automated penalty and limit enforcement in a range of ways including:

Pit lane speed limit

Pit lane entry and exit lines are defined on a circuit map in race control; the speed of each vehicle is monitored and logged whilst inside the pit lane boundaries. Race control are instantly alerted of any infringement.

Time penalty serving

Virtual penalty boxes can be created by Geo-fencing any area within the circuit boundary. In the instance race control apply a penalty, a 10 second stop/go time penalty, for example: a marker is added to the vehicle by the system until the penalty has been completed within the defined number of laps and for the amount of time given for the penalty. The warning will stay active if both conditions are not met.

Minimum pit stop times

Once race control has opened the pit lane window in our software, any vehicle not staying within the pit lane boundaries during this window for the defined amount of time for the minimum pit stop will have a marker added to it, along with a log of its pit stop time infringement.

Drive through penalties

A drive through penalty can be applied to a vehicle by race control. The system will monitor and report completion or none completion of the drive through. Along with ensuring it is served under the maximum pit lane speed.

Post Incident Analysis

Safe 2 Race offers highly accurate race data which is logged for use post-race, this allows the corroboration and analysis of data relating to accidents, incidents or breaches. By removing personal interpretation of data transparent rulings can be delivered in addition to giving insight into the evaluation and rebuilding of incidents and assisting probable causes:


  •  All data is saved on our cloud server allowing for thorough accident or incident investigation, allowing for reports and corroboration of any incident or breach.
  • Highly accurate race data is logged and can be reviewed and exported post-race for evaluation and analysis.
  • Reduced instances of administrative time post-race.


  • Removal of personal interpretation of incidents and breaches; allowing for transparent rulings based on definitive factual data.
  • Post-incident data allows insight for organisers and circuits for the evaluation of incidents, rebuilding an incident, assessing possible causes and educating in incident prevention.

Communication directly between every vehicle and Officials

Safe 2 Race allows communication directly between every vehicle to give officials instant real-time information. The system has been designed to automate warnings to the competitor (and anyone else who has the system fitted) relating to any incident.

Example Scenerio

  1.  A competitor stops or has an impact whilst within the pre-defined ‘hot-zone’.
  2. Safe 2 Race’ algorithms will detect this and automatically show on the dash display a Yellow Flag to any competitors within a pre-defined time or distance behind the stricken vehicle.
  3. Once a competitor has passed the slowed vehicle, a Green Flag will automatically be displayed on the dash, providing there are no other obstructions in range within the ‘hot-zone’.

The system has been designed to be automated, but it should be recognised that this is an addition to existing safety personnel; is an advisory system rather than a control system. Warnings and alerts can be overridden by Race Control as required.

Example Scenerio
Example Scenerio