Automated marshal flagging system benefits race marshals, race control and competitors.

Advancing Motorsport Safety

Safe2Race brings advanced and automated safety features, accessible to all levels of motorsport.

Bidirectional Status Awareness

A wireless link connects all vehicles with each other and Race Control; allowing automated notifications to be sent to Race Control and all driver displays when the status of a vehicle changes.

Optimised Track Time

Features of Safe2Race including, automated flagging; helmet sensor technology; automated penalty systems and highly accurate race dat all contribute to safer and more efficient racing conditions, this more time on track for drivers.

Improving Safety In Motorsport

Over recent years much more improved and automated safety features have been introduced for Formula 1 Racing and other big budget Motorsport events. It is Aim Technologies vision to make the same level of automated communication assistance accessible to all Motorsport competitors. We believe every competitors’ safety is important and as such, should be available and accessible to all.

In the high octane racing situation of going at speed and concentrating on the track, it is not uncommon for drivers to miss a warning given by a Marshal external to their vehicle, or for delays in communication with race control to occur. The Safe2Race (S2R) System by Aim Technologies has been developed to combat the problems presented by human error and to provide safer racing conditions.

How Safe 2 Race Works

  • The Safe2Race system allows race control to make and receive track state changes.
  • The system tracks all vehicles locations each second, allowing flag conditions to be set within the entire circuit or within sectors set by race control.
  • System automation that notifies race control and all driver displays when the status of a vehicle changes.
  • A wireless link connects vehicles with race control,  and each vehicle containing a GPS receiver.
  • The inertial sensor has an integrated accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope within a low-power management system which has input and output systems including LEDs.
  • The driver displays are developed to clearly show drivers race condition alerts instantly and without ambiguity.
How Safe 2 Race Works

System Benefits


Real Time Status Awareness

Our vehicle tracking technology allows race control to view the location of any competitor or service vehicle.

Automated Flagging

Flags can be generated by artificial intelligence or race control, race control can then alter or cancel flag conditions.

Automated Penalty Systems

The Safe 2 Race system uses tracking and timing to deliver automated penalty and limit enforcement technology.

Post Incident Analysis

Highly accurate race data is logged for use post-race, this allows the corroboration and analysis of data relating to accidents.


Helmet Sensor Technology

Helmet impact technology allows race control and medics to be immediately alerted to any helmet impact force and rotation data.


Optimised Driver Track Time

A prerequisite of safer racing conditions is fewer accidents on circuit; therefore optimising track time for competitors.

Highly Accurate Race Data

The Safe 2 Race system offers drivers, teams and championships highly accurate data for post-race review.

Reducing Decision Times

Instant information allows for faster decisions to be made. Officials get instant data without waiting for the traditional time delays.

Safe 2 Race System Hardware

The Safe 2 Race system allows communication directly between every vehicle in a ‘hot zone’, pre-defined by race control, to give officials instant real-time information. The system has been designed to automate warnings to the competitor (and anyone else who has the system fitted) relating to any incidents or data abnormalities.

Safe 2 Race System Hardware
Safe 2 Race System Hardware

Safe 2 Race Software

Safe 2 Race Software

The Safe 2 Race Race Control Interface provides a clear layout of the race circuit and displays the status of each vehicle including:

  • Each vehicle current movement
  • Vehicle speed accurate to one second
  • Vehicle direction of travel
  • Automatic hazard warnings
  • Automatic SOS notifications
  • Stage times
  • Competitor flag compliance 

The Safe 2 Race Interface makes race management an easier task with plenty of visual aids to help officials. The interface can be viewed on an ‘appliance PC’ meaning that installation is as simple as ‘plug-and-play’. The operation of the interface is easy to use and navigate for all users and full training is provided by Safe 2 Race.